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Hinata Uzumaki (Part 3)
The rig this time is Hinata Uzumaki.
Comes with Shoes, Slippers and Barefoot models, Byakugan variations for all.

Naruto and Sasuke (Part 3)
I just realized that I haven't uploaded Part 3 Naruto's base form, so I decided to combine the Sasuke one with this (I deleted the Sasuke one to clean up my gallery, but didn't realize that Naruto was on here yet). Whoops.

Anyway, Adult Naruto comes with or without his cloak, with custom Sage Mode eyes
Sasuke comes with or without cloak, with Susanoo Ribs as a separate model.
both are rigged (though the Susanoo Ribs aren't).

In the better FBX format that Blender can open.


UPDATE 1: Added an extra bone to Sasuke's sleeve to make it more cloth-like
UPDATE 2: Added Sakura (comes with a variation with the released seal)
Iwabee Yuino
This is Iwabee Yuino from the Boruto anime.
I also included his Earth Style Hammer.

I figured more males needed to be made, so I made Iwabee.
The face was a bit tricky, but I think I managed.

His model was put through Mixamo, so the majority of him is rigged.  For anyone that may want to convert him for use in XNA/MMD/other, Only the face/cloth physics would need work (if you want the coat to be able to move separately from his legs).

EDIT: The skeleton may be a tad messed up due to Mixamo stupidly not realizing what a coat is. I updated the file to include the OBJ for anyone that may want it.

Enjoy. :)

UPDATE 1: I majorly overhauled his face, and improved the rig (with the good FBX).

UPDATE 2: Fixed an issue with his hammer missing
Metal Lee
Next up is son of Rock Lee and ?????, Metal Lee!
He comes with Academy & Genin costumes, with bonus Eight Gates textures.
(credit to QueZeus (formerly Lunaforever) for the base)

rigged in FBX (the good one)

UPDATE 1: fixed normals to eliminate metallic appearance in Unity
Well this is my first attempt at creating a non-human character.
This is Nue, from the Boruto Anime. Based on a Yokai, this thing was the major cause of the 1st story arc's events (and surprise, surprise, Danzo somehow manages to screw people over long after his death.....)

It may be gone, but I think it may appear again in the future, fighting alongside its master.

UPDATE 1: Added rigging in the good FBX format
That pose at the right is just something new I'm trying (partly to prove how it can be posed, so don't get too used to it).
I included the pose as a bonus OBJ for anyone who might want it.
I've been playing Naruto Online recently and for a while now, I've realised that they use 3D Models for the games.
The sprites look identical to characters rendered in the Storm engine, and alt costumes for the Main Characters are clearly just model swaps reusing the same animation/poses.

There's also the small matter of the trailer:

They modified the final boss fight in Storm 2 to include the MCs as a promotion for the game. Sadly, there aren't cutscenes like this in the game (aside from some badly ripped ones from the games, but no cutscenes involving the MCs), but clearly they have 3D models that exist.

Since I'm on the subject, there's plenty of characters playable in this game that aren't in the Storm games.
- The Kage Bodyguards (All of the ones that appeared at the Kage Summit)
- The Six Paths of Pain (as separate Characters)
- Shizune
- Anko
- Kurenai
- Kinkaku & Ginkaku
- Baki
- The former InoShikaCho (Inoichi, Shikaku & Choza)
- Monkey King Enma (for some reason. Don't get me wrong, it's cool he's playable, but still...)
- Mabui (this one baffles me even more since she's not even a fighter)
The Chinese Version has more characters too such as:
- Zaku (Bizarrely the only of the Sound Trio that's playable)
- Omoi
- Samui (No Karui oddly enough)
- Pakura (but no Gari for some reason)
- Toroi
- Zetsu (FREAKING ZETSU!!!!!)
And as for some other minor characters represented as NPCs:
- Dosu
- Kin
- Gato's Bodyguards (Zori & Waraji)
- Oboro & Mubi
- Shiori & Baiu
- And I know they aren't actually characters, but the Puppet Ninja from Ultimate Ninja Impact seem to have been added as generic enemies with several palette swaps here, so it's not just Storm assets that are being utilized here.

CC2, I think you're holding out on us.....
Sadly, we'll probably never get access to the models of the ones that aren't already in the Storm games.
It is REALLY hard to recreate certain aspects of the characters (I mainly have trouble with hair & faces).


United Kingdom


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Dydybenj Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017
Hm i have a little question, as you can see here on shirtless madara:… the texture of sennin bug on hashirama's face, do you know how to fix it?
Thanks ^^
I'm not sure how it got like that. They may need to be fixed by hand. Sorry... :(
I extracted the model with the same results.

It was hell rearranging the UVs on Chakra Mode Naruto, so I know how it feels...
Dydybenj Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017
It's ok don't worry :)
Dydybenj Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017
I'd like to request a character from One Piece, Cracker's armor:…
If possible of course, if not do you know anyone else i can request to?
Anyway keep up the amazing work. ^^
ChakraWarrior2012 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017
Sorry, but I don't take requests.
Dydybenj Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017
I see, do you know anyone that i could request this kind of things?
ChakraWarrior2012 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017
I'm not sure. Sorry...
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nchkg879176 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017
Can you upload momoshiki ōtsutsuki road of boruto DLC model :)))))
ChakraWarrior2012 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017
I don't do requests. Sorry.
nchkg879176 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017
ok fine , tks.
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